Time in the desert

My husband started work this week.  Praise God, he found work!

Time in the desert
Time in the desert

Now I know there are lots of people who would like to ask why it is that God took us through this desert.

I’ll tell you why, but first I want to tell you why I’ve chosen to label it our time in the desert.  You remember how the Israelites took like 40 years to travel a distance that should have taken them about three years at the most?  Remember that time that the Israelites kept on doing stupid things like making golden calves to pray to, and moaning and complaining about everything, instead of being grateful that they’ve been released from slavery?  Well, it’s like that.  Here we were, living in relative comfort – although we’ve never been what can be termed as “rich” by any means, but quite comfortably.  And were we satisfied? Oh boy, not us.  We weren’t grateful for what we had, we didn’t appreciate all that God had given us.  So, we thought we were real clever, and made some stupid decisions on our own.  Here’s the crux – we made the decisions ON OUR OWN.  Nobody consulted Jesus, nobody asked for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Therefor it took us more than a year to travel a distance that should have taken us a month or less.

This is why God led us on a circuitous path through the desert.  And boy! Was it hard!  Admitting that I had made a mistake in not consulting God in my decisions was very hard.  And then learning to be obedient – wow, that was even harder!  Time and again Father God would say: “No, not this way, this way.”  A few weeks ago, it was three weeks ago, to be exact, I saw something in my mind’s eye – call it a vision if you want, while kneeling by my bed in prayer.  I was in the desert.  Not the few scrubs and plants and little rocks and succulents type of desert.  A real desert with sand, sand, sand everywhere.  And there was a sandstorm blowing, I think the storm was busy abating, because it wasn’t all that vicious.  I raised my arm to shield my eyes against the sand, and squinting hard I saw there ….theeere in the distance… the silhouette of an oasis.  Very dramatic.  But very real to me.  That image in my mind’s eye told me that we were nearing the oasis; that I need hold on just a little longer.  Just a bit longer before the Holy Spirit will guide me to that oasis.  The week after that, my husband was invited for the first interview for this job.  That day, I was studying Ruth 3.  You know what the last sentence in Ruth 3 is?  “The man will not rest until he settles the matter today”.  My husband came home that afternoon, and for the first time after many, many interviews he said that it went really well.  Then I knew, that we are standing on the edge of the oasis.

I feel myself now in an oasis, but there is much work to be done here.  I feel myself preparing to welcome others who have travelled through the desert as I have.  Others who are anxious about the future, thirsting for the waters of Life, lost in the barren, dry desert.  I will give you respite, and try to serve you the Water as best I can, and tell you that all will be OK, because you are loved and He has your route planned out.  Will you come?  Will you come sit here by the cool water of my oasis?  My oasis that I am so incredibly grateful for?

You are welcome.  Come. Sit.  Rest.

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