Leaving the Oasis

We enjoyed the stay at the oasis, a respite in the cool shade beside the sparkling water.  But the sun beat down and shrivelled the trees, the sand-storms blew and dried op the water.  It was time to move away from the oasis and continue the journey through the desert.

The owner of the company where my husband had started working at, sold most of his shares to a foreign concern.  Of course, they re-structured the company.  Of course, the division where my husband was working was closed down.

So here we are, in a land of desolation.  This time there seems to be no oases ahead.  No help from any earthly quarter.  My lips are parched from praying, my knees are raw.  This time the sand-storms blowing around us seem to be never-ending.  No relief seems to be forthcoming.  In fact, we don’t know what we’ll be eating by the end of this week, never mind how we will be paying rates or school-fees.

But I know that this is a storm to wait out, because “for the poor, O Lord, you are a refuge from the storm.”1

Do I get despondent? Do I get anxious?  Of course I do, I’m only human after all. I pray “Turn to me and have mercy on me, for I am alone and in deep distress”2   And Christ says to me “I am here! Don’t be afraid.”3

And now I know there is someone reading this who says: but why does your God allow this to happen?  “For it was to prevent you from getting into a life of evil that God sent this suffering”4 .  Why do I say this?  Frankly, the environment where my husband was working was not good for him – ‘nuff said.

Job 36verse21

I know from experience that God’s promises are true, and if we – I, just hold on and endure, all will be well. Because God says that those who trust in Him and have made Him their hope and confidence will be blessed5 , that His purpose for us is good, that He has a future in mind for us6 .

I’m not calmly and coolly writing this as if I cannot be concerned.  I do have turmoil within me, and at times I want to say like Job that my spirit is crushed7 .  But I open the Word and find Psalm 55:22 “Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you.  He will not permit the godly to slip and fall”.

I trust in Him, I keep my eyes on Christ, who has redeemed me.  I fill my heart and mind with praise to Him, who rule the Universe.

Dear Christian friend, will you please include me and my family in your prayers, because God hears the prayers of the righteous8 , and their earnest prayers has great powers9 ?

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