On stuff made

So I’ve taken two days leave off work and with Wednesday being a public holiday and counting the weekend, that means a full 5 days at home.
What bliss!
Yes, I’ve been working hard and yes, I did all the household stuff I should, but also I’ve been making some stuff.

heavenlyhandmade jelly roll quilt bag
It’s a terrible photo, but you get the idea?
It’s a quilted, appliqu├ęd bag. 
heavenlyhandmade jelly roll applique bag
And this is another one.
heavenlyhandmade jelly roll ribbon bag
And this one.  This one is nice and squishy and comfortable – like an old overstuffed comfy chair.
Yes, the photos are blurry…..
I actually made a fourth one too, but forgot to take a picture of it.
They’re all four made from the same jelly roll (Moda Fabrics) – which was immensly expensive!  Each one is different though.
They’re not quite finished yet, still have to neaten all the loose thread ends and close the lining.
I will take better photos outside when they’re quite finished.
Also I’ll have to find a place outside to take the photos, as my front garden has been dug up so that we can make a parking space for the teenager’s car.  Unbelievable as that sounds to me, my teenager will have her own car as soon as we get an appointment for her to do her licence – which she will just have to pass.
And that’s what I made…