On privilege and responsibility

I read this article about introverts and it was like “Wow, I’m really not insane.  There actually are other people like me!”  Also now I understand why I’ve never been able to do the “small talk” thing like other people seem to be able to.  Yes, it’s been bothering me.  And you know what?  Not gonna bother me anymore.  I’ll say something when I actually have something to say, not gonna talk just to fill “dead air”.
Also, I’ve been bothered about blogging.  I thought that one should have pictures and images and photos and things to fill up one’s blog.  Not gonna happen.  If I have pictures I’ll show them.  Otherwise I’ll just say what I have to say.  And today, I have something to say:
I’m a bit tired of people in privileged positions saying things like “just do this or that”.  If you went to university you are in a privileged position.  Heck, in South Africa, if you finished high school you are in a privileged position.  I find these people who grew up in houses where their parents gave them everything money can buy (and still do – even after they’ve left the house) rather tiresome.  If you hadn’t had to struggle financially for one day in your life, your opinion is not going to carry much weight with me.  
Richard Branson?  Shut up.  Your mother helped you financially; don’t tell me you built your business with nothing.  
Eating a tin of baked beans for the second day in a row?  Wow, shame.  Poor you.  Try watching your partner eat a slice of dry bread for the fifth day in a row while you hadn’t eaten anything for two – and you’re pregnant.  So just shut up.
Life isn’t fair.  It never was, it never will be.  Some people have to work harder than others.  Some people get given things; other people have the little they do have taken away from them.  Whatever.  The people who have should stop pretending they are wonderful.  But most of all, they should start thinking about exactly where it is they came from and stop saying “you must just do …..”.  There’s no “just do” something.  I’m talking finances here people!
I can’t “just” quit my job.
I can’t “just” make stuff full time.
I can’t “just” spend more time making.
I have children.  I have a house.  I have a car. I have a husband.  I have responsibilities.  I have a conscience.
I am privileged.  Yes, I am.  Because I have these things.  The main thing here is the word “responsibilities”. 
Why don’t I just quit my job and make things full time?
Because I am responsible for paying my child’s school fees.  I am responsible for buying clothes for my child.  I am responsible for buying food for my child.  I am responsible for taking my child to school – therefore I am responsible for paying for my car and the petrol to use it.
Why don’t I spend my entire evening and week-end making things? 
Because I am responsible for caring for my child.  I am responsible for teaching her life-lessons.  I am responsible for helping her learn to read, write and all of that.  I am responsible for preparing her food.  I am responsible for bathing her.  I am responsible for making sure she has clean clothes to wear.  I am responsible for ensuring she has a warm, clean bed to sleep in. I am responsible for her knowing that she is loved and valued.
I am responsible, diligent and conscientious.
Hear me now:  it’s going to take me much longer than it will certain other privileged people, but I’ll get there.  
So, the next person who tells me to “just” do whatever can eat my neatly laundered socks.
Disclaimer:  This post is not aimed at any particular person, organisation or article.  It came about due to the convergence of certain circumstances.  This is my blog and yes, it’s all about me 🙂