Five things Friday number 32

I will share every Friday five things.  I will place them in no order of importance, just five things.   I will try not to over-explain.  In fact, I will attempt to explain nothing at all…..
Five favourite people:
1.      My best friend, Tina.  We’ve been best friends for 30 years now.

2.      My husband and my girls, of course

3.      My cousin Otto – I rarely see him anymore, but he’s still one of my favouritest people
Cousins are connected heart to heart distance and time cant keep them apart

4.      My sisters and my brother

5.      Both my parents and my husband’s parents – although my husband’s father has passed away

Grandparents and grandchildren on patio with cake and gift smiling Stock Photo - 3488237

Yes, I cheated a bit, but hey, do you only have five favourite people?