On how Delilah came to be

Here is the next installment of the design stories behind the new products, now available here too.
Delilah’s fabric is also an African wax print. 
 However, looking at the fabric, it called to mind something art-deco-ish to me.  Don’t you see it too?
Well, I’ve had this pattern in mind for a while, but never came across just the “right” fabric until I saw this.
This shape is odd, I grant you.  
But look, why have something ordinary all the time?
I found the inspiration from what is called a “chatelaine” from earlier times, like this one

However, for a modern woman a little purse like this is totally impractical.  And I must confess, although Delilah is much bigger, I suspect she might not be the most practical bag I’ve ever made.
I added a few gold coloured beads to the flap, which works with a magnetic snap, just to add that little bit of interest. 

At first I wanted to add a whole lot of gold beads, but I changed my mind, as I thought it would be a sort of over-kill, with the odd shape, the strange strap placement etcetera.  Do you think I made the right decision?

Delilah is also lined in the cream bridal satin I used for Athaliah, as this lady deserves something glam!
I called her Delilah because – just like the lady in the Bible, she steals your heart without you meaning to have it happen.

Whyyy why whyyyy Delilah….” (admit it: you sang that)