On Nine New bags

It does indeed give me great pleasure to present the nine NEW bags in my summer release.

 I might also just mention in case you did not know that you can purchase any of my bags in one of three ways:  madeinza, my “website” and now also on HelloPretty.  If you’re reading this and don’t know about my Facebook page, you can find it over here.

Dorcas and Tabitha are two names of the same person in the Bible, we find her in Acts 9, and she seems to have made clothes!  These two ladies were made from the same piece of African wax print, but on two ends of the print, so they turn out looking quite different.  Yet they are the same.  

Dorcas has only a little bit of beading and sequins added on the front to complement the beautiful print.  

Tabitha is a bit more sultry with her darker look and line of hand-sewn sequins all around.

Anna was a difficult one.  I had this gorgeous piece of extreeemly expensive designer white-on-black print, and was very hesitant to cut into it.  I had asked permission form the incomparable Ms Emma Brennan to use some of her handbag patterns to make bags for sale.  She kindly granted it, but I was at a loss as to what to use on her vintage-style patterns.  I was really worried about making a hash out of her patterns with anything but perfect fabric.  Well then, the two conundrums called to each other and thus Anna was born.  I adore the way the print and the bag-design just complete this whole look.  I hope Ms Brennan will like it too!

Iscah is one of those “I’m not sure I like it” ones.  I like the fabric, which is an upholstery fabric which looks like a loose-weave hemp, but is soft and smooth to the touch. 

I like the handles – they are quite hard to find now.  I like the pink chiffon ribbon around the top edge, giving an almost tutu effect and I like the little ribbon rose that completes the look….oh, look at that…I do like Iscah after all!

Keziah and Jemima were two of Job’s daughters – lovely names!  These two sisters just might be my favourite bags ever.  All summery,  breezy,  happy and lazy.  The straps on both are slightly rouched (or ruffled) and they came out looking brilliant! 

Keziah’s outer layer is a lime green printed chiffon and 

Jemima’s is a polka-dot crêpe georgette with a slight self-pleat in the fabric.  These girls are all about lazing around – they’re soft-soft and won’t stand on their own.  I can just see a girl with white linen pants and white cotton shirt walking down a sunny sidewalk with either one over her shoulder. 

Salome, Salome, Salome.  Did she ever give me headaches!  I found this piece of black-on-white print (I’m pretty sure it’s cotton canvas) on the off-cuts table.  I nearly had a heart-attack when told what it costs, but I HAD to have it.  Only to discover at home that the piece was exactly 1cm too narrow for what I wanted to do.  So I changed a bit here, changed a lot there; rearranged, rearranged and rearranged again, and there I had the sly girl!  Hence her name, see?  I don’t think this is the most original pattern ever, but it works!  Although, I must admit, I suspect the strap ended op a tad too wide….but it sure looks good!

Abigail might look very familiar to you.  Yes, she’s the sister to Ruth and Esther.  I hadn’t quite finished her when we released Ruth and Esther, so I kept her over until now.  

She’s a practical girl.  She looks nice, but she doesn’t take flak from anyone, she’s efficient, but fun!

Basemeth is made from another off-cut of upholstery/curtaining fabric.  The damask-style weave is totally enchanting.  I’m not all that big on shiny-shiny, so for me this muted gold-colour is ideal.  I think Basemeth is one of those staples that you’ll always be able to grab at a moment’s notice if you can’t decide what goes with your outfit, but you don’t feel like a boring black bag.  Gold – like black and white, goes with almost everything.
So that’s the summer release.  Let me also take this moment to wish anybody good enough to read here a very blessed celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ and may 2013 bring you all the things that make your heart happy!

Much love

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