My first attempt at posting a photo

It’s very cold in South Africa at the moment.  Yes, OK, so we don’t have snow in winter – well, not much anyway, normally only in the high parts.  But to us Africans cold weather is anathema.
I’m trying to add a photo here, I hope it comes out.
It’s a bunch of little notebooks I prettified with pictures found on Graphics Fairy I’ve tried to make a link here, hope it works – but I’m still learning all this stuff and blogging from my Blackberry is not exactly easy!  So the website is if you want to take look at all the wonderful pictures she has on there.
I’ve tried to sell them at a gift shop, but the lady there decided to DOUBLE my price – which makes it unreasonably priced, nobody’s going to buy them.  Also she had them hidden on the back of a shelf behind a whole bunch of other stuff where nobody’s going to notice them anyway.  So I went and took them out of the shop.  I have another shop in mind which I’m going to try.  This one is also in a bigger shopping centre (mall).  Hopefully the owner will be there this afternoon when I drop by.  I was also thinking of trying the only antiques shop in the entire area, since they have vintage pictures on, maybe people who like antiques will like them as well?  Anyway, I like them, I think they’re pretty and yes, I would buy something like that if I found it in a gift shop (at a reasonable price, thank you).
Bye for now!

2 Replies to “My first attempt at posting a photo”

  1. You did a beautiful job. They are pretty indeed and useful too.
    Where I live we do get snow….lots of snow…
    I would love to vacation in Africa.
    Keep smiling and creating, well done

  2. Lovely Note Books, good luck with selling them! Looks like you did well with posting your photo.
    It’s cold in Australia too…and like you we only get snow on the mountain peaks. But it’s still cold!

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