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I have recently become more and more interested in textile and fibre art.  Good old Google searches lead me to the Textile artist’s website where I found an interview with Robert Forman here.

I was immediately drawn to this artist’s work.

Robert Forman textile art

Squirrel – Robert Forman2013

You can read the whole interview with this fascinating artist for yourself and go to his website to view more of his extraordinary work.

I was struck by his reply to the question as to how he regards his work and where he thinks it fits in with contemporary art.  This was his reply:

I agree with the artist Eva Hesse statement:


I feel so strongly that the only art is the art of the artist, personally. My interest is in solely finding my own way. I don’t mind being miles from everybody else.


I am interested in art that comes from a deeply personal place. Where my work fits within the sphere of contemporary art is not my call.


For me it was a deeply thought-provoking answer.




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