Five things Friday number 26

I will share every Friday five things.  I will place them in no order of importance, just five things.   I will try not to over-explain.  In fact, I will attempt to explain nothing at all…..
Five days I will always remember:
1.      The day we got a television when I was in grade 3.

Vector illustration of old-fashioned four legged TV set isolated on white background. Stock Photo - 5571542

2.      The day I went for my first ballet lesson

3.      The day I got my first pair of glasses at the age of ten (I think)

File:DKNY Glasses.JPG

4.      The day I first danced on stage


5.      The day my mother told me I was born without any talents

Of course, there are many more days I will always remember, like the day I got married, the birth of my children, the passing of my father-in-law….. But if I listed all of them, it wouldn’t be Five things Friday anymore, would it?

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