Excitement on my part

And the news is that I have a stand at the Klip Klap Art and Antiques Market in September!

I’m really excited and looking forward to it so much!  I’m planning everything out and have started working like a crazy person to get as much stuff made before then as I can.
There’s beach bags, bunting and lots of pins planned.  Not to mention the evening clutches, gift bags and embellished notebooks.

Now, any tips on how I can make the most of the experience on the day?  Tips on display – it is an open-air market and I will be taking my gazebo?

Before I spend more time on the internet, let me get behind that sewing machine!


3 Replies to “Excitement on my part”

  1. That’s so great, Cecilia! My advice would be to make as much as you can. Shoppers like having a lot (but not crammed and crowded) to pick through. And also, to build your display UP, as in vertical, as much as possible. Good luck!

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