New products in the shop

This week I added some new products to my Hello Pretty store and also on my Facebook page where you can buy directly from me.

There are new pencil cases, nice and large

Heavenly handmade pencil case
Pencil case roses

Quite a selection of fabrics to choose from, but you can always get something else if you want

Heavenly handmade pencil cases
Pencil cases selection

Kitty ear coin purses

coin purse pink
Kitty ear coin purse

I couldn’t decide if I should put faces on them or not, so I just left it as is.  I quite like this tongue-in-cheek leopard print one….roawr 😉

Kitty ear coin purse leopard print
Kitty ear coin purse leopard print

And then I also added the cuff bracelets I told you of before and some new ones I made like this one

textile art cuff bracelet gothic
Textile art cuff bracelet

Take a look and let me know what you think!