On Lifeline’s fundraising event

Lifeline itself was started in 1963 in Australia by a Rev. Walker.

Lifeline Pretoria have been helping people for 33 years.  They have trained councillors who support those in crisis either telephonically or face-to-face.

With the high rate of domestic violence in South Africa and at the same time the lack of support from government itself in this aspect, organisations such as Lifeline is often times a true life-line to many women (and men) and children in crisis.
Lifeline also has programmes for training of individuals and communities and outreach programmes for other welfare organisations.
Lifeline receives some support from the National Lottery (Lotto), but needs to raise funds themselves too.  (If you know anything about welfare funding, you’ll know that these organisations are expected to raise most of their operational funds themselves before receiving any help from Lotto)

Lifeline Pretoria has a yearly event that in the past proved to be quite successful.  The Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Faire.  I speak under correction, but I am given to believe that exhibitors are by invitation only, therefore I felt greatly honoured to be invited to participate in this year’s event.

I’ll be displaying bags, aprons, notebooks and pins (brooches) for sale.
As an exhibitor I was requested to supply a hamper for the raffles that will happen during the day.  I thought it would be quite boring to give only a bag or something, so I came up with a make-up bag that will include some lovely bath-products.  I have gone so far as to make two make-up bags.  Perhaps I’ll put them in one hamper or keep them in two separate ones, I’ll discuss this with the organiser on the day.

If you are anywhere nearby, please do come and support this worthy cause.  Even if you don’t come near my table, I really want to encourage everybody to support Lifeline – an unseen First Aid station for those in emotional crisis.