On being fashionable

I was agreeing with a twitter friend (@cyrilnaicker) on how lovely the fashions, hairstyles, architecture and dances (Charleston, anyone?) of the 1920’s are, when I thought to myself:  “Mmmm… but I’m glad I’m living now too.”

1926 Fashions for Women

There is such a wide choice available to us when it comes to fashion and other trends.  

Geometrics are in.  

Louis Vuitton on Vogue
But so are florals.
Colour blocking 

Vuitton on Vogue
and ombres

Picture from idoityourself

Neon colours are in, 

From: The Frock Report
but so are pastels.

From Vogue
Your hair can be long, or short, or just somewhere in between.

Charlize Theron Updo Hair
Charlize Theron Wavy Hair
Charlize Theron Blonde Hair

Glamour and glitter is in, 

Valentino on Vogue
but so is hand-made.

Modernistic is in.  

Interior Design Modern Xh4anld0dx Green Designs  Wallpaper

But so is Scandinavian (has it ever been out of style?) 

Scandinavian Interior Design
Interior design world
and vintage.

Vintage Kitchen with Brick Hearth
From Better Homes and Gardens
And lifestyle?  Where in the 20’s a married woman had no choice but to be a wife and mother, we now have a choice.  If you can afford to stay at home with your children, you can, but if you don’t want to, nobody’s going to make a fuss over it.
I like that I can choose what to wear every day.  In the 20’s the dresses were rather shapeless – and though I do love it so much, frankly on my body it would not have looked well.  Believe me, I’ve tried on those long-line low-waisted dresses.  

1920s Fashion Trends 1920s Fashion Trends

I like that I can wear pants today, a dress tomorrow, a skirt, high heels, low heels, flat shoes, bright colours, muted colours.  I like that I can be….well, me!