On Joanna’s design story

As I told you previously, I’m sharing the design stories behind my new products, you can read so far about Athaliah, Phoebe and Delilah.  

Today I’ll be sharing the design story of Joanna.
Now this fabric has been going around everywhere on everything.
As I have a daughter at university now, I came to realise that she needs a bag for her books and stuff, a big one, but not an unwieldy one, and as she and all her friends use tablets and pads, there should be room for that too.  And she’s probably not the only student who needs a nice bag.
The bag must be easy to open and close, but secure at the same time – there’s all types of kids (unfortunately) around university, therefore the flap with the magnetic closure.
This fabric is similar to a cotton canvas (or cotton duck). It’s actually machine washable and can be tumble dried.  But since the bag has synthetic batting in to make it sturdy, I do not recommend the tumble dry part, as I think the batting will probably shrink in the heat of a tumble drier, if it doesn’t burst into flames or something.  So I recommend the bag to be washed in a machine, on cold setting.
Now, I don’t know how you feel about energy saving and stuff, but I do try to do my part.  I wash my clothes in cold water – in fact the warm water inlet on my washing machine isn’t even connected.  Not only does it save energy, it also saves your clothes, as there is less wear on the fibres in cold water.  Think that cold water doesn’t wash clean?  I’ve found that if I use the washing powder recommended by the manufacturer my clothes come out perfectly clean.  Whites white and all that.
So, Joanna can be washed in a machine, dried in the sun and ironed on a warm setting, since we all know how careless students can be and how they chuck their bags down any old where.

What is your opinion on Joanna?  Would you wear her if you were a student?