Since I last posted there were something nasty things happening in my house.
My husband had a HUGE tantrum about the washing that hadn’t been folded and my workspace that was a mess.
Now let me explain: My workspace is the dining-room table.  The dining-room is part of our living/dining/kitchen area.  Which means that our general living space was a mess.  Which I admit to, as I was working like a crazy person to get ready for my first market.  And the washing hadn’t been folded for a week, because I was working like a crazy person to get ready for my first market.  And as we all know, men cannot fold washing.
This entire tantrum led up to me packing away all my things.  Every. Little. Thing.  And stashing it in the garage.
After two weeks of me walking around like a dead person (as any creative person knows: not being allowed to create is like having your oxygen cut off.  Hence: Dead person walking), my husband found me crying in the kitchen.  That led to a long talk.  Let’s just say some more tears were involved, as well as spreadsheets and projection tables.  It’s not the first time that I’ve explained the situation to him, but I think the visual aids helped him get a clearer picture.  Perhaps I shall get some graphs and pie charts ready for the next blow-out.

So, there is a lot of creating going on at my dining-room table.  I’m not taking part in this month’s market, as I have no stock.  

But next month is the Christmas market and I will have lots and lots of nice things to sell.  In a better spot.