Five things Friday number 18

When one has a teenager in the house, it sometimes happens that one’s internet cap gets used up before the end of the month.  But so badly used up that one can”t even top-up.  Unbelievable?  Believe it.  Well, to make up for last week’s miss, today I will post two.  Here’s the first:
I will share every Friday five things.  I will place them in no order of importance, just five things.   I will try not to over-explain.  In fact, I will attempt to explain nothing at all…..
Five things that get my goat:
1.      Lying (I always tell my girls that lying to me is the same as theft – you are stealing the truth from me)

2.      Unfairness


3.      Being ignored

first they ignore you than they laugh at you then they fight you then you win

4.      When people assume I am stupid

5.      Rudeness (good manners are a sign of good character)

Share the five things that gets you riled up: