New Year, New Focus

Already half-way through January and only now am I wishing you a happy, prosperous New Year.  I want to tell you about the new focus I have and am committed to for this new year.  It’s a boring story, but bear with year new focus

My husband has been out of work for a year.  How it happened is not open for discussion at this stage.  To say that we have been struggling financially is putting it very, very mildly.  The thing that happened here is that this time of “testing” has brought me closer to Jesus.

I have learned to trust Him to provide for us, which He has, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to tell you this, as I wouldn’t have a website, a laptop or data.

I have learned that God does test our faith (although I would really like it if He would stop now, please).

I have learned how to really search the Bible for answers for problems.

I have learned to really focus on Jesus Christ my Saviour.

I have learned that God really does tell us what He wants us to do.

I have learned that the Holy Spirit does speak to us in our hearts, and sometimes at the most inconvenient times.

I have learned that I can actually study the Bible – as in really study, like you would a textbook (which the Bible actually is: A textbook for Life)

Look, I’ve been a Christian basically all my life.  I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour when I was thirteen.  There has been many times that I was far from God, times when I questioned Him, even wondered if He really loves me, but I never stopped believing that Jesus died on the Cross as sacrifice for my sins.

I had become a lukewarm Christian in recent years, and when this thing happened to my family, I really struggled with God.  I came across this blog post which actually just saved my life.

I would like to tell you that my focus in my personal life and in my business is now totally on God. On Jesus.  I believe that God let this thing happen to us so that I could re-focus.  That I could learn to place Him central in my life again.

What does this mean?  This means that I am going to make more things that are Christ-focused, that I am going to talk more about things that is Christ-focused.  I am following God’s Will for my life, seeking His guidance through the Holy Spirit in every step I take.