On strange aunts who crochet

I’d like to tell you about some fabulous young people who I’ve been honoured to have come to know through Twitter.  (I love Twitter)
I don’t flatter myself to think that I’m regarded as much more than that queer aunt every family has.  You know…the one who sits in the corner mumbling to herself while doing something like crocheting toilet-roll covers.  But I do admire them so much and although I’m a bit older than them I find them so inspirational.  I also envy them.  The opportunities they have…the talent they have…

First I came across Graham Wiles.  A surfer-type guy who makes the most extraordinary paper toys under the name Urb-Ski.  He has a B-Tech Honours degree, he’s sweet, funny and – I suspect, a big softy.

This guy has just taken part in the Design Indaba as an Emerging Creative.  Read and see all about his experience here.  While you’re there, check out his radically cute, funny, original, FABULOUS paper toys. (I love the word fabulous).  Also see him on Behance here.

Secondly you have to take a look at Graham’s girl, Lavanya Naidoo here.  This little girl (I’ve never met her, but I’m sure she’s just a tiny little thing – you know what they say about small packages) is hands down THE best quiller (paper filigree) I’ve ever seen.

See her Behance portfolio here.

Now, understand me on this, I did quilling a long time ago, before anybody in South Africa ever heard of it.  I read about it in a book I found in the library my mother worked in.  So I know a little bit about quilling.  When I say this girl is amazing, you can take my word for it.  Not only does she have perfect technique, but her designs are breathtaking.
Also, she’s funny, intelligent and very pretty too.  Which is actually very irritating if you think about it.  All that, and nice too? *sigh* Some girls have all the luck (I am joking, BTW)

Thirdly I ran across this guy: Lucas Adams (Sorry Lucas R. Adams)  also known as Kraftisan.
He’s also been to the Design Indaba along with Graham, as an Emerging Creative.  While there, Lucas launched this:

It’s a light that comes in a flat pack (edit: I use the term “flat-pack” incorrectly here – the cute light is fully assembled, sorry, Lucas)…go look at the slideshow on the website.  And while you’re there, place an order for one of his Puzzle Pinups too!
Lucas is currently busy with his B-Tech (edit: no, he’s not.  He is, however third year student in 3D Design – sorry again, Lucas!), and you can see him on Behance as well here.

What do these young people have in common?  Well, except for sharing the same strange aunt, these three are people to keep your eye on.  They are the future of design and art.

They are the future.

All pictures in this post comes from the artists’ websites and blogs.
Like a strange aunt, I copied it without permission.
I’m pretty sure they’ll forgive me, as I am the strange aunt.