This time the bags are even prettier!

Yes, I have new products. Again.  And yes, they are bags.  Again.

But this time they are prettier than anything before!

You can see a whole lot of photographs in more detail of each bag – there are four bags, on my Facebook page, but here’s a couple of pics.

Textile art blue velvet bags
Dark blue velvet bag

Textile art blue velvet beaded bags

Textile art light green bags
Light green satin bag

Textile art light green bags detail

Textile art red satin bags
Red satin bag

Textile art red embellished bags

Textile art brown and gold bags
Golden brown satin bag

Textile art brown and gold handmade bags

They took forever to make, but what a pleasure!  Loved doing everything on the bags, even the boring parts, like making the internal pockets.  I’m sure going to make more of the same type of thing.  They might not be to everybody’s taste, but people who like this type of look will love them as much as I do!