Heavenly Handmade was started by me – Cecilia Steyn, from a need to firstly have an outlet for my overwhelming urge to make something and secondly to earn an income to support my family.

Heavenly Handmade strives to make items of such outstanding quality and originality that it can be considered incomparable.

Heavenly Handmade operates from a basis of complete integrity, honesty, diligence and exceptional quality.

Heavenly Handmade is mindful of environmental impact, social responsibility and Christian values.



As a Christian it is my responsibility to serve Christ and other people by telling them about Christ.  I do this by being honest about my journey in faith, including the ugly but not forgetting the many blessings.  Read on my posts how I deal with the struggles and the joys, what my Bible-based opinions on things are and how you too can get to know the Saviour.

I believe in God the Father, that He created all. I believe in Jesus Christ the Son who was born to a virgin, died on the Cross for my sins and rose from the dead and sits at the Right Hand of God.  I believe in the Holy Spirit, given to us as Counsellor and Guide.  I believe in the Trinity God and I believe that there is no other God.  I believe that the Bible – written by humans, inspired by God, is the Word of God.  I believe that God loves me and that by the Blood of Jesus my sins are forgiven.  I believe that I will one day join my Lord and Saviour in Heaven.



I am married to a wonderful man and am the mother of two beautiful daughters.  My daughters are 12 years apart – not by my plan, but by God’s.

I love my family, my friends and my country.

I love to write about my faith, the things I make and my life in general.

I love textiles and every form of sewing.

I love creating beautiful things with my hands.

I don’t like Facebook a lot, but I do like Twitter and Instagram and simply adore Pinterest.


I invite you to read my ramblings, buy my bags and learn from my tutorials.


About Cecilia Steyn Heavenly Handmade

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